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Games of blackjack are known for their payout of 3 to 2. There however are several variants of blackjack in the online casinos which only pay an even money payout on a blackjack game. These games of blackjack are not the scams that they initially look like. The payout that is decreased is compensated by changing some rules of the game and offering some advantages to the players.

Most of the leading online blackjacks playing software providers give even payouts for the games of blackjacks. A unique method has been devised by these providers by which they offer advantages to the blackjack players.

Common Blackjack variants

WagerWorks boasts of a blackjack payout that is even, which is known as Double Attack. Here, the dealer's face up card is that very first card that is thrown after the blackjack player places a wager. Before the next cards for the player are dealt, he has the choice of doubling his wager by placing a double attack bid. The player is advantageous. The dealer is most likely to bust with the next cards he draws. The dealer's card could be six, then the next cards will bust. Although the chances of bust decrease, they are still high for the player to be advantageous. The player doubles his wager, and gets an even payout.

Double Exposure is the blackjack game that offers even payout, provided by Microgaming. Both cards of the dealer are dealt face up. The player knows value of the dealer's cards before he places his wager. If the value of the dealer's card is 10, the player's strategy would be hitting with a hand of 17. But in Double Exposure, the player has to hit with a hand of 17 against the dealer's hand of 10 and 8. For the dealer's hand of 10 and 6, the player can even out with 16. This increases the player's scope for winning, and the payout is even.

Blackjack Switch, by Playtech, is the most interactive blackjack variant. Here the players have to put equal wagers for the two hands, and they are given those two hands. Now the players can decide to exchange the second hand that has been dealt. Exchanging leads to better chances of winning. If the first cards are 10 and 5, and the second cards are 5 and 10, the probable 15 of both hands hints at losing, but exchanging the second cards, the first hand becomes a 20 and the second a 10, which are winners. Hence, Blackjack Switch reduces the blackjack payout to an even.

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How did you know about blackjack?