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Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin, is one of the most popular name among the blackjack players. The mathematical genius, who was born in the year 1937, was the first person to apply statistical shortcuts to estimate answers for extremely complex problems for solving card counting system of the blackjack game. He had introduced the system to make the game of blackjack simpler for everyone. Peter Griffin, who is credited for bringing a remarkable change in the card counting system of this game, is the grandson of Frank Loxley Griffin, a well-known mathematician.

Mathematician Peter Griffin took much interest in simplifying the calculation process of the blackjack games. He was the first person who divided the potential gains from card counting system into two separate prime factors, viz. playing efficiency and Betting Correlation. As the two factors were developed, it helped the players to estimate the possible chances of winning a game with any betting spread easily. To honor his immense contribution in the gambling world, Peter Griffin's name was listed among the Blackjack Hall of Fame inaugural members in the year 2003.

Life and Education

The mathematician, who has brought some remarkable changes in the calculation methods of blackjack, had completed his baccalaureate degree course from the well-known Portland State University. After completing his studies in the Portland University, he moved on to the reputed California University for completing Master's Degree. Griffin never wanted to restrict his knowledge for his own betterment and started teaching in the California State University from the year 1965. There he used to teach statistics. He was popular among students for his techniques of teaching calculus and the differential equations. Griffin was a teacher till the final moments of his life.

The great mathematician, who was always keen to use mathematics and statistics for simplifying calculation process died only when he was of 61 years. He succumbed to death on October 18, 1998 after suffering from prostate cancer. In his short life span of only 61 years, Peter Griffin has received several accomplishments. Though he has several credits to his name, he will always be remembered for his contribution to blackjack games. To improvise the calculation pattern of the blackjack games, he had spent considerable period of time in the casinos and clubs where blackjack was played. It is said that he used to carry notepad whenever he visited blackjack casinos and clubs, to understand the strategies people used to calculate cards.

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How did you know about blackjack?