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Ken Uston

Ken Uston learned about blackjack from Edward Thorpe and Lawrence Revere's works. The Advanced Point Count, of Revere, Ken incorporated into his own Uston Advanced Point Count, and developed other systems of card counting.

Uston played in Atlantic City with his teams and beat Resorts International in 1979. Resorts barred Uston and his teams from playing in the city. Ken and his team developed numerous strategies of playing blackjack and improving the chances of winning.

Uston retaliated by voicing his displeasure about this ban to Harry Reasoner on "60 Minutes" in 1981.

Uston authored a few books on his gaming strategies and his experiences. The Big Player, One Third of a Shoe, Million Dollar Blackjack and Ken Uston on Blackjack are a few of his books. The second book contains details of his gaming strategies and methods, some of which were used to beat casinos in Atlantic City and Nevada, and the last two contain Uston's basic knowledge of blackjack.

History of Ken Uston

The government of Kuwait hired Uston, in 1986, as a consultant to keep a check on the large amounts of money falling through the gaps in the government's inefficiency. Uston worked for the Finance minister of Kuwait and advised the government of efficient money managing. This investment of Uston's was roughly about $80 billion.

Ken Uston died of a heart failure and was cremated in Pere Lachese, while his ashes were scattered all over the bay of San Francisco. However, there had been a few conspiracy theories regarding his death. The French authorities however, ruled out the theory of foul play in Uston's death and did not investigate further after the autopsy proved that he died of heart failure.

Ken Uston was untimely taken from this world. He had so much more to do with his life, like finally publish An American in Kuwait, or coming back home to the Bay area of San Francisco, and be with his family and friends who love him, and explore the new age of technology that was blooming fast.

Ken Uston is missed terribly by his family, and his friends, who still find it hard to believe that they have lost him to a poor heart. Uston was a good man, on top of being kind, and generous, and brilliant and talented. Ken Uston had so much more to live for. There were his children, his grandchildren, and as well as the new generation of technology. Ken Uston still lives in those brilliant games he played and the many others that he devised. Sometimes, to Ken Uston's family and friends, it might feel like Ken Uston is still alive and playing blackjack in disguise, ripping apart the casinos out of their money.

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How did you know about blackjack?