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The Famous Gamblers of The Card Counting Strategy

In blackjack card counting strategy is used to detect whether the player has benefits over the house. It works by fixing the ratio of high cards and low cards. The purpose of blackjack is to get closer to 21 points and the more high cards are left in the deck the more chances to beat the dealer you have. However, the card counting requires many hours of learning and practice.

The History of Counting System

In 1957, a number of experts in mathematics and science invented a card counting strategy using only calculators.

But the real history of card counting strategy's appearance got started around 1962 and the publication of Dr. Edward O. Thorp called "Beat the Dealer". Since then Thorp became a farther of card counting strategy till now.

However, many of his methods have no longer been working. Those who have perfected their card strategies soon became the members of the well-known "Blackjack Hall of Fame".

Celebrities in Blackjack

The hall of fame in Blackjack game consists almost of computer and mathematical geniuses.

  • Ken Uston is one of the best known of the developers of Blackjack team. He first described the tactics and card counting strategy in a book "Big Player Team" that was released in the 1970.
  • His book showed the time he spent as a member of Al Francesco's team. Later Ken Uston became one of the most famous card counters due to publishing some more books and due to television appearances.
  • Edward Thorp created and published his "Beat the Dealer". He developed his own theories and methods and sold them in hundreds of thousands.
  • Sam Vaughn for many years has traveled Arizona and Nevada states developing his skills. Throughout his life he has millions of dollars.
  • Another professional blackjack player and card counter is Steve Forte. He wrote a book "Read the Dealer", but unfortunately some casinos read this book and quickly changed some of their policies.
  • Peter Griffin the author of "The Theory of Blackjack" taught professional courses in card counting strategies.
  • Joe Pane is the most winning player in tournaments at blackjack in the whole world. He began his brilliant career as a blackjack player and a card counter after he got his injury.
  • Lawrence Revere developed many card counting systems. Revere played blackjack both as a dealer and a professional player. Lawrence Revere is one of the greatest gamblers in "Blackjack Hall of Fame".
  • Erica Schoenberg is also known as the "Blackjack Babe". She was very talented in math and was a professional gambler. In her career Erica Schoenberg won at about a millions dollar blackjacks.

The card counting strategies are still developing but the casinos have been also developing methods for identifying card counters and banning them.

In conclusion you may ask what the profit from card counting strategies and systems is.

An experienced card counter can expect a 1% advantage over the casino.

If this person plays with the bet of $100, the advantage will be $1 per hand. So as you could understand card counting requires big patience and insistence, just as knowledge and skills.

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How did you know about blackjack?