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Edward Thorp

"A Winning Strategy for the game of twenty one (Random House 1962 and 1966)", is written by Edward O. Thorp, and it presents the very first system of science and methods behind any big and popular game of casino. This book revolutionized the blackjack game.

"Beat the Market (Random House 1967)" is another book by Thorp, co authored by S. T. Kassouf, which helped majorly in launching the derivatives which completely changed the markets in world securities. Thorp's hedge funds have been successful for forty two consecutive years out of a total forty three.

Along with Jay Regan, Thorp had launched the very first neutral hedge fund for the markets in 1969.

With Claude Shannon, Thorp invented the very first computer that could be worn, in 1961, so as to win a game of Roulette. Elementary Probability (in 1966), "The Mathematics of Gambling" (in 1984) are some of Thorp's books. Edward Thorp also wrote countless mathematical papers on game theory, functional analysis, and probability.


Thorp graduated from U. L. C. A. and received degrees of B. A. and M. A. in physics. Thorp also completed a Ph.D. in Maths in the year 1958. He taught students at the U. L. C. A., M.I.T., in the State University of New Mexico and he was also a professor at the University of California, teaching Mathematics, and Finance.

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How did you know about blackjack?