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Blackjack Myths

If you are someone who is fond of playing Blackjack games, it will not be difficult for you will surely hear different types of stories related to this popular game. The game which has its origin in the history has thousands of myths related to it. Most of the myths are related to the luck needed for winning the game. The origin of these myths are though unknown to people, they have received immense popularity among every player. However, intelligent players do not rely much on the blackjack myths and consider these myths to be one of the reasons for losing the game.

Someone who is playing the blackjack game for free can try out these myths. But someone who will invest money on these games should stay away from relying these myths as dependence on these myths may lead to their loss in the game.

Hole Card of a Dealer is 10 & Deal with Even Money

Some players consider that hole card of a dealer is always a ten. This is a wrong concept as it is not necessary that the dealer will hold a ten. Though many players follow these strategies, it is not always right. It is a common concept to play with even money and avoid risk. Even though the concept is popular, it is not worthy as it leads to the defeat of the player.

Count Your Cards to Secure Win

Many blackjack players count cards repeatedly. Well, they do so as they think that counting cards repeatedly will help them in winning the table. This is an absolutely wrong concept. If this was a real concept, every player would have won the table.

Blackjack's Only Aim Is to Reach 21

Many players consider that playing Blackjack game is all about reaching 21. It is a false conception. You play the game to win the table and defeat the other dealers. There is no need to reach 21. To win a handful some of money, all you need is defeating your dealer.

Bad Players Bring Bad Luck

It is a common human instinct to blame others for their own faults and it is not something exceptional for blackjack. Myth says, if you are dealing with bad player, you will get bad cards. This is a wrong concept. If you have the skills and the luck, nothing can stop you from winning the table.

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How did you know about blackjack?